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What is a Rechargeable Disposable?

Rechargeable disposable devices are getting more popular throughout the years. The ability to charge a device that is meant to dispose of afterward needs some explaining, why make it rechargeable? The idea of leaving e-liquid in the tank and then not having enough battery power to finish the e-juice has always been an issue with disposable vapes from the begging. Allowing the disposable vape device to be rechargeable solves the problem of leaving any e-liquid in the disposable pre-filled tank. FOG X Disposables is a perfect example of a disposable adapting to the industry wants and adding a rechargeable battery to Fog X latest disposable device the Magnum XXL. Rechargeable disposable devices are your typical pre-filled disposable vapes with the much-needed feature added which is to be able to recharge the pre-charged battery. Gives you that satisfaction of finishing the last drop of e-liquid in the tank. Learn more about rechargeable disposable vapes and what device we recommend if you are new to vaping disposables below.

About the FOG X Magnum XXL

FOG X Magnum XXL Disposable Device is self-proclaimed best rechargeable disposable of 2022, just look at the main features of this device. FOG X Vapor real delivered with this all-around rechargeable disposable vape device. To start the Magnum XXL offers a whopping 5000 puffs enough to last you weeks of vaping depending on usage. Packing a respectable 650mAh rechargeable battery with enough capacity to last multiple days per charge. With the Magnum XXL you're able to recharge the disposable with a USB cable meaning that you will no longer need to worry about your disposable not firing. Comes pre-filled with 10mLs of premium e-liquid. Also, with top-selling flavors like White Grape Ice, Strawberry Wafer, and more you can't go wrong picking FOG X Magnum XXL Disposable Vape as your next chance to vape. Learn a little more about it below.

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How long can a rechargeable disposable vape last?

Disposable vape pens have come a long way in the vape industry, with several modifications through the years. Making adjustments to every feature on every style device, some upgrades were not the best and some were very necessary. Such as engineering a higher capacity of batteries mAh (milliampere/hour) but keeping it in a small device. Batteries kept on getting bigger and the approximant puffs per device were also encrusted. This has been applied to the FOG X devices throughout the years as we keeping on improving our disposable devices from the Original disposable device to the begin of Magnum device to our latest devices FOG X Magnum XXL. Disposable devices with a larger battery capacity were not able to keep that discreet design that fits perfectly in your pocket, the solution to not having such a big battery is to make a smaller battery rechargeable. This solves not having such a large battery in a small device but also allows the consumer to finish all the e-liquid in the device before deposing the product. FOG X Magnum XXL is able to fit comfortably in your pocket and give you the longest lasting disposable with a puff count of 5000. 

Reasons why you want a rechargeable disposable?

The biggest issue with disposable vape products is not being able to finish all the e-liquid in the pre-filled tank. The precharged battery has a shelf life of 6 - 9 months once leaving the manufacturer. If a consumer purchased a precharged device 8 months later the chances of not getting the full potential out of the precharged battery is higher, causing the battery to not have enough charge before the e-liquid is fully used. FOG X Magnum XXL has been engineered with the newest technology with the abilities to recharge in minuets with the latest high speed Type-C adaptor. Allowing disposable vape devices to be able to recharge dimensions this issue by giving it that extra charge to finish the prefilled tank. Now you can enjoy the full experience of your disposable pen and never have to throw away the e-liquid you were promised to use.

Where to find rechargeable disposables?

The vape industry is still adapting to the new feature that is now available for disposable pens. Most devices are starting to offer the option to recharge, so you are able to go to your local vape store and find a hand full of disposable devices that can be recharged. Here at Fog X Vapor offer the best rechargeable disposable of 2022 self-proclaimed with our FOG X Magnum XXL Disposable Vape.

Take Aways

The future for rechargeable disposable vape devices in 2022 is looking bright with this much-needed feature to rechargeable devices, and we are glad to say FOG X Magnum XXL Disposable will be keeping up with what's next for disposables vapes. So many more possibilities can be added to disposables such as making the battery smaller since it is now rechargeable and adding a larger prefilled tank to the device, just an idea. If you have any thoughts on what should be the next features for rechargeable disposable vape devices or just the vape industry in general feel free to tell us in the comments section below, we’ll love to hear them.

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