Pro tips for vaping disposables

FOG X Disposable Vape Devices are the easiest type of vapes to get started with vaping. They require no maintenance, vaping knowledge, or setup meaning that once unwrapped you can begin vaping. With every new product no matter how easy it is to use, we recommend vapers to know the following tips so you can vape safely and keep your FOG X running smoothly.

  • First, don't store your disposable vape devices in a hot environment. This may cause your device to leak and even worse explode.
  • Don't mistake the airflow holes with the mouthpiece portion. Due to its rectangular shape, it is easy to confuse the mouthpiece with the airflow holes. This may cause the device to malfunction at times.
  • Don't attempt to hack the device to charge the battery or refill. This can potentially break the device and cause it to autofire.
  • Dispose of the device in a designated drop off for battery recycling.
  • Make sure to not cover the airflow holes while drawing on the device. It's common for users to unconsciously place their pinky finger at the bottom of the device for support, this will block the airflow holes keeping the device from powering on. Also, blocking the airflow holes while drawing on the device may cause the device to leak e-liquid.
  • If the flavor drops don't continue puffing on the device this will cause an unpleasant dry or burnt hit.
  • Don't waste your time counting the puffs. Disposable Devices are ran through automatic puff machines to get an accurate puff count. However, the puff count may change depending on the duration of your puff.
  • Store your device in a safe and clean environment. As mentioned above, don't store your device at high temperature and avoid placing your disposable in a dirty environment for sanitary purposes.

At the end of the day, disposable are meant to be thrown away after usage but following these simple steps will ensure that you will have the safest vaping experience. They offer extreme convenience because of their size and functionality unlike any other type of device on the market.

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