Collection: Flavors

About Our Disposables

With excellent functionality, we had to match it with the best flavors around. FOG X brings you a wide range of flavors for you to indulge in with more coming ahead. Our mouthwatering flavors will turn your life around and most importantly keep you away from combustible cigarettes.

Vapes are not new, but premium disposable vapes flavor for sale is a new thing in the town. The overall functionality of the vapes is super easy and convenient that it makes it very easy for the users to make use of them at any time of the day. With the user-friendly functionality, FOG X provides its users with a plethora of flavor options. Each of these salt nic disposable vapes are mouth-watering and premium in their own ways. FOG X is known for providing a vast range of flavors, which give a great experience to the users. Moreover, all of these flavored salt nic disposable vapes help the consumers to be away from the combustible cigarettes. This collection of FOG X Disposable Flavors features Mango Ice, Strawberry Wafers, Chocolate Milk, Pineapple Ice, Lychee Ice, White Grape Ice, Orange Tang Ice, Frozen Mint, Banana Ice, Lychee Ice, and Guava Ice. 

All of the flavors are very mild and provide a soothing effect on the throat. The individuals consuming these flavored vapes can easily inhale up to 300 puffs and enjoy the overall experience. Now, enjoy the portable and easy to handle disposable vapes at any time of the day.